“i remember"

Created for seniors with dementia3, “i remember” is an interactive artwork made up of a series of tasks organised into four wooden washboards.

When I meet seniors, I will inevitably meet someone who has dementia and I have developed an interest in how it impacts the process of ageing. I began to piece together this series of washboards with tasks to engage cognitive & fine motor skills for seniors with dementia. By introducing repetitive actions as a form of exercise, the activity gives these seniors something to focus on, and it can help to improve their cognitive function. The mini-tasks on the washboards offer a clear and definite goal (e.g. tightening a screw), which allows them to feel productive that they are accomplishing something. It also engages them with different colours, textures, sound and tactile support that stimulate the senses, and can help to keep them interested for a sustained period of time. I have also chosen a wooden washboard, which would be very familiar to seniors who have grown up washing clothes with their hands.

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Best conducted as a one-to-one activity with a senior and their caregiver.

  • Choose one board at a time, it can be a random choice
  • The tasks can be broken down to 5 main types. Here are some prompts that the caregiver can try out:

Type 1
Prompt them to recall various daily activities at home,
  • There are 2 power switches, if they want to turn on the rice cooker or a kettle or a fan, they need to press the power switch, when the rice is done, they turn off the switch. All actions to be repeated 3 x times 
  • Narrate a scenario, when you are home, you always lock your door. Now unlock it.

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Type 2
Constant encouragement is essential
  • When weaving the 3 colour ropes into one plaid, do it slowly together with the seniors. Repeat the task 2x times. Then ask them to name the colour & prompt them to name a random object that has the colour.

Type 3
Instruction with a task
  • Show them the clock and tell them to adjust it to various times of the day. Ask them to set 3 different times based on when they have their three meals of the day. 

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Type 4
Tactile touch
  • Show them the nuts and bolts of various sizes. Tighten the nuts around the bolt & instruct them to do it at various speeds.

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Type 5
Sound rings a bell
  • Narrate a scenario when they dress themselves, what do they hear? To zip & unzip, listen to the sound, slowly & fast.

3 Dementia is a term used to describe a condition of loss of memory, thinking & social abilities severe enough to interfere with your daily life. Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia.

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