#eye range:0.05 #eye rollspeed:0.5thinks about the oneness and porousness of life & art and she thrives to be, live & practice art with the radical acceptance of the agency of uncertain elements of life. She is always fascinated by the splendour of the everyday & her multidisciplinary art practice traverses the mediums of drawing, sculpture, performance art, sound, installation & video. In 2000, she was awarded an education bursary from National Arts Council, graduating from the Royal Melbourne institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Arts, majoring in sculpture. In 2005, She was also awarded a cultural scholarship from the Goethe institute Berlin. Since 1997, anGie has exhibited works, taken part in artist residencies & participated in art festivals in locations such as Germany (Goethe institut Berlin, ZKM Centre for New Media), Japan (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum), Australia (Asialink, VCA), France (CiTE international Des Arts, Palais De Tokyo, MAC Lyon), Singapore (Singapore Biennale), & New York (Asia Society Triennial). For more than a decade she has been active in creating participatory art projects for communities locally & internationally. By working within a community, it gives her the chance to be with the reality of life, through people, to uplift the human spirit.

In recent years she has been involved in local theatre productions, creating set & sound design. anGie is also part of a music band, Qianpima.